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Drawing homework assignment

Render in greyscale, an arrangement of the 5 basic shapes with which we've been working all semester - these being cube, cylinder, cone, sphere, and rod.  In this version, we were to make them appear large, building-like.  There are numerous smaller studies done in class which I haven't the time (or inclination) to scan for the time being, so suffice it to say we did a lot of them.  lol

Media - Charcoal, blended, on white medium drawing paper.
"Just Out of Reach"
Drawing homework assignment

All right, so shoot me, I drew a metaphor!  lol   Trylon & Perisphere - link
The assignment was simply to draw some shapes using color (now later in the semester, we may use it), however I was listening to the soundtrack to Poltergeist at the time.  Any Jerry Goldsmith fans out there know what I'm talking about - just think of Diane looking down the hallway toward the bedroom, near the end of the movie...  ^_^

Media - Prismacolor markers on white medium drawing paper.
Drawing in-class form study

Innumerable drawings of this variety were drawn by the entire class, following the standard "look at the shapes and draw them" of the first week or two.
Now it was "Look at the shapes and draw them - but do NOT look at your paper while doing so.  Oh, and use your left hand!!" (right, if you're a lefty)

Media - Charcoal on newsprint.
"Deco Waterfall"
Drawing homework assignment

We were to draw a building, but really put some effort into it, as some of our later assignments were stressed to be worthy of pinning up as examples of what architectural drawing classes are like at NJIT.

I did a number of thumbnail studies of this design first, and though I wish I could have done all of them, I spent hours on this alone.  I picked the one which would give the greatest sense of scale. 

This was photographed - I will have it scanned when I get the chance!

Media - Pencil, blended, on white medium drawing paper.
Drawing in-class assignment

This is from late March, we chose points of interest around the open stairwell here in Weston Hall, then were supposed to do 5 thumbnail drawings to block out designs, then a larger drawing in more detail.

Of course I liked my first two thumbnails too much and just over-worked them.  =P

Media - Pencil on white medium drawing paper.
Charcoal Landscape
Drawing homework assignment

I think I used all but the 6th and final vanishing point in this one...  But that would be behind the viewer's head.  lol

My drawing critic was quick to wryly point out that somehow Mr. Sun didn't quite belong there, but I told her I held back from drawing a smiley face on it, so...

Media - Charcoal on newsprint.
Lamp in Ink
Drawing in-class study

Obviously, in ink, one cannot erase.  Unless it's eraseable ink.  And we're not using that, merely Pilot V-ball Grip pens!

Contour / detail study of my lamp, we were instructed to "understand" the dimensions.

Media - Ink on white medium drawing paper.
Lamp Collage
Drawing in-class studies

This started out as an assignment to draw the lamp at our desk from various angles, but I underestimated the drawing's importance because I started it out on newsprint...
Still, it worked out in the end, I liked using multiple media in one piece.
Plan and Elevation views, two 3/4 views, and then some perspective distortion and detail drawings to round it out.

Media - Charcoal, Pencil, Prismacolor Marker; newsprint.
Drawing in-class study

Just an earlier rendering of the shapes which came out okay.

Media - Charcoal, blended, on newsprint.
Most of the images you see on this page are from my first-year Introduction to Design classes, they are only selections, and are spaced apart by project.  The bottom series is second-year, a campus food stand!
Study in Russian Constructivism
Drawing homework assignment

After watching the otherwise-competent printroom staff attempt in vain to scan in this image a handful of times over the course of a few days (they are volunteer NJSoA students who get discounts on plots in return for serving there 4 hours per week), I finally inquired if I may take a look at the scanning program and—surprise—I got it to work in a few minutes.
"You mean I get to go home today?"  lol

This style of art is from the early 20th century, it dealt with (as in other movements of the era) the simplification and, often, repitition of like shapes.

Media - Charcoal, some blended, on white medium drawing paper.
Page created on February 22, 2007
NJSoA Lobby
Drawing in-class assignment

This is how I overwork my thumbnails, again.  ^_^
Early April, still in the stairwell, but I wanted some more interesting angles.
This is looking over the handrail, down to the main floor (boulevard entrance), from the suspended stairs, between 3rd & 4th floors.
The other two sketches on this page were drawn at different orientations, so they would not blend together in an unintelligible way - they were detail views of the stairs and surroundings, but I liked this one the best and don't have much time for scanning and publishing!  Leave me alone!  LOL

Media - Pencil on white medium drawing paper.
"Deco Waterfall"
Preliminary thumbnails (3)

Scanned this in at home, just to show the little concept stage of my building, which actually didn't change that much to final product.  I like the aerial view the most, but wanted the impact of the other two, so I chose a perspective somewhere in between them.

Media - Pencil on white medium drawing paper.
"Newark Skyline"  looking East, looking West
Drawing in-class assignment

See?  Newark's not all that horrible a city.  Of course, it's safer when you're behind glass on the 7th floor of a university atop a hillside, in a constantly-monitored area.  =P

Work-in-progress, mid-April sketch.  Homework is to finish this and then extend the drawing to either side with additional sheets of paper, creating a panorama.
"Will Jason finish in time??"  Well, I kinda gotta be *in* Newark to continue, so stay tuned!

The second image is the first I drew - my drawing instructor said it's good, but finish up because the uphill view is boring.  Have the residents been made aware of this?!  LOL

Media - Pen on white medium drawing paper.
Halls of Rutgers
Drawing in-class assignment

WARNING: Do not look at this picture while under the influence - you may fall in, and I'm afraid my insurance barely covers me.  Thought I'd leave the notebook uncropped for a change.  ^_^

Media - Pencil on white medium drawing paper.