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Studio for an Industrial Designer
Studio for an Industrial Designer - year 2, project 2
Fall 2004 Critic - John DaCruz

The site is a 30 degree slope with a view of a forested valley, a retreat where the client could rest but continue to design if desired.  Each student was to select a designer of some kind of product, and design a house suitable for that person.  I chose to design a studio for one who creates televisions, or more specifically flat-screen monitors.

Cost efficiency and site difficulties came into play, there was only an access road above and behind the studio, from which a flatbed truck and crane would haul in and lower into place the actual structure, assembled offsite.  The screen wall, which focuses a changing view as one descends the slope on approach, and the pool, and foundation, are all site-poured concrete.

Even following discovery of the private space, the pool and studio beyond the wall, one's view is continuously shifted.  A direct, constant view down the central axis is denied, inviting exploration.  A series of interior gangways string together the living spaces from tower to tower.

Media - AutoCAD plans, sections, elevations, sectional cabinet drawing.  Chipboard, foamcore, basswood, and translucent plastic model at 1' = 1/4"
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